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The *–marked texts of lectures, essays and books are included in the volume "By Appointment Only" (published in German and English)

2006 Dresden, Galerie Neuer Meister, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen (8th December)
Cézanne‘s and Van Gogh‘s reception in Germany (German)
2003 Güstrow, Barlach Museum (21st August)
The "Kunstsalon Paul Cassirer" (German)
1997 Baden, Stiftung Langmatt (4th June)
John Rewald and Cézanne research (German)
1997 Sydney, Museum of New South Wales (12th February)
John Rewald: The Paintings of Paul Cézanne, A Catalogue Raisonné (English)
1996 Aix–en–Provence, Rewald Symposium (16th June)
John Rewald: Cézanne and Germany (English)
1996 Philadelphia, Museum of Art, Cézanne Symposium (2nd June)
Cézanne’s Motives (English)*
1995 Winterthur, Am Römerholz Sammlung Oskar Reinhart (16th May)
Paul Cézanne – His great collectors (German)
1995 Philadelphia, Museum of Art (7th April)
Amborise Vollard & Albert Barnes: The Creation of the world’s largest Cézanne Collection
1994 Berlin, Sotheby’s (13th December)
The "Kunstsalon Paul Cassirer" (German)
1992 München, Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte (26th May)
The "Kunstsalon Paul Cassirer" (German)
1990 Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, Symposium (9th May)
Early Provenances: Vincent van Gogh & Ambroise Vollard (English)*
1989 Philadelphia, Museum of Art, Annenberg Symposium (24th June)
Vincent van Gogh: An Example of Reception in Art History (English)
1989 Zürich, Schweizerisches Institut für Kunstwissenschaft (10th January)
The "Kunstsalon Paul Cassirer" (German)*
1981 Zürich University, Volkshochschule des Kantons Zürich (21st May)
Collections and collectors
Art dealers and collectors – collectors and art dealers (German)*
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2009 Basel Kunstmuseum, Exhibtion Catalogue:
Vincent van Gogh, Between Earth and Heaven: The Landscapes
Theo van Gogh, Collector of his brother’s Landscape paintings
2004 Hamburg, Kunsthalle, exhibition catalogue: Horst Janssen: Masterdrawings
Observations of an art lover (German)
2004 Maastricht, Art Market Matters,
Scholars and Dealers (English)*
2000 Vienna/Zürich: exhibition catalogue: Cézanne: Finished – Unfinished
On the exhibition; Bathers (German & English)*
1999 New York, IFAR Vol.2, Nr.3, Summer
Doctor Gachet – A friend of Cézanne and Van Gogh? (English)
1998 Sydney, National Gallery of New South Wales, Exhibition Catalogue: Classic Cézanne
Cézanne’s Works on Paper: Towards a Reclassification (English)*
1996 Aix-en-Provence, Colloque Rewald
John Rewald: Cézanne and Germany – Cézanne and America (English)*
1996 John Rewald: The paintings of Paul Cézanne, New York
On the History of this book; On Authenticity; On Sizes and Subjects (English)
1996 Correspondances: commemorative publication for Margret Stuffmann
Cézanne‘s drawings: Small sizes: sketches – big sizes: aquarelles without colour (German)*
1995 Paris/London/Philadelphia, exhibition catalogue:
Cézanne’s Collectors: From Zola to Annenberg (English)
1993 Tübingen, Kunsthalle, exhibition catalogue: Cézanne paintings
On Cézanne‘s reception history in Germany (German)*
1993 The Mythology of Vincent van Gogh, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Philadelphia
Genuine or Fake – On the history and problems of Van Gogh connoisseurship
with Roland Dorn (English)
1990 Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, exhibition catalogue,
Van Gogh and modern art epilogue (Dutch)
1990 Essen, Folkwang Museum, exhibition catalogue: Van Gogh and modern art
Vincent van Gogh: His dealers – his collectors (German & English)
1989 Simiolus, Nederlands Quarterly for the History of Art, Vol.19, Nr.4
Van Gogh Fakes: The Wacker Affair (English)*
1984 Art Magazine „du”, Nr.1/1984
Edgar Degas in Tübingen: The making of an exhibition (German)*
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2011 "Das Beste aus aller Welt zeigen" Kunstsalon Cassirer. Die Ausstellungen 1898 – 1905
ISBN 978-3-907142-40-0
Nimbus. Kunst und Bücher, Wädenswil (German)
2009 Vincent van Gogh — die Gemälde 1886 – 1890
ISBN 978-3-907142-38-7
Nimbus. Kunst und Bücher, Wädenswil (German)
2006 By appointment only
Cézanne, Van Gogh and some secrets of Art Dealing
ISBN 050–0976–562
Thames & Hudson, London/New York (English)
2005 By appointment only
Schriften zu Kunst und Kunsthandel Cézanne und Van Gogh
ISBN 978–3–907142–16-5
Nimbus. Kunst und Bücher, Wädenswil (German)
1988 Vincent van Gogh & Paul Cassirer, Berlin:
The reception of Van Gogh in Germany from 1901 – 1914
Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum Cahier 2
ISBN 90–6630–129–5
Uitgeverij Waanders, Zwolle (German & English)*
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Vincent van Gogh, Between Earth and Heaven: The Landscapes
Basel Kunstmuseum, 26th April – 27th September 2009
Cézanne: Aufbruch in die Moderne/Cézanne and the Dawn of Modern Art
Essen, Folkwang Museum, 18th September 2004 – 16th January 2005
Cézanne: Vollendet – Unvollendet/Finished – Unfinished
Vienna, Kunstforum, 20th January – 25th April 2000
Zurich, Kunsthaus, 5th May – 30th July 2000
Classic Cézanne
Sydney, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 28th November 1998 – 28th February 1999
Paris, Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais, 25th September 1995 – 7th January 1996
London, Tate Gallery, 8th February – 28th April 1996
Philadelphia Museum of Art, 30th May – 1st September 1996
Degas: The portraits
Zürich, Kunsthaus, 2nd December 1994 – 5th March 1995
Tübingen, Kunsthalle, 18th March – 18th June 1995
Cézanne Paintings
Tübingen, Kunsthalle, 16th January – 2nd May 1993
Van Gogh und die Moderne/Van Gogh and Early Modern Art
Essen, Folkwang Museum, 11th August – 4th November 1990
Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum, 16th November 1990 – 18th February 1991

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